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The Attraction for Quality Focused Importers

The World’s Leading Wines 2019 event series was attended by over 140 established Importers/Distributors in Northern Europe. The appeal to head wine buyers invited includes:


A clear business focus: All participating producers are newly available for Importers / Distributors portfolios.


All participating producers are either critically acclaimed or have won accolades in major international competitions, providing a basic, but effective quality filter for attending buyers.


Details of the producers and wines provided to buyers prior to the event.


The events are held in or near to the cities the majority of quality Importers/Distributors are based in and held over an afternoon and an evening minimizing the head wine buyers’ time away from their core focus of selling wine.


Our events are intimate, private, invite only business events, attended exclusively by senior trade buyers. The resulting, unhurried, professional tasting environment, with time for full discussions with producers, appeals to buyers and producers alike.

Importer/Distributor Qualification & Confirmation Process


The World’s Leading Wines Importer/Distributor Sourcing Events are focused B2B events attended exclusively by established Importers/Distributors from the cities the events are held in and surrounding states.


To ensure attendees are only head wine buyers, actively sourcing wines for their portfolios and interested in the quality wines on show, our professional team personally invites each head wine buyer, by phone, enabling us to discuss the wines on show.


The Importer/Distributor companies we invite are selected for their relevance to the participating producers, the quality of wines in their portfolios and the strength of their distribution & sales channels.


To ensure that you are meeting with Importers/Distributors relevant to your requirements, production volumes and pricing, each event is attended by a mix of:


  • Major Importers with broad distribution
  • Regional Importers with established distribution in multiple cities in their region
  • Quality focused, specialist importers with strong relationships with the high end on-trade and private clients in the cities the events are held in
  • Established, quality focused distributors from the cities in the region surrounding the city the event is held in

We conduct our own market research and cross reference our information with active members of the wine trade in each region we work in. This ensures our information is as accurate and as up to date as possible regarding the Importers/Distributors and individuals we invite to each event.


Research and invites are conducted by experienced wine trade professionals from our offices in London, Chicago, Beijing, Hong Kong and through partners in local cities as relevant.

Providing You With Access to All Attending Buyers


Through Favourable Buyer/Producer Ratios & Event Format

The size of our events is influenced by our belief in the value of providing you and your wine with maximum exposure to active head wine buyers and minimising competition for each buyers’ time and attention.
As we only invite from the pool of established Importers/Distributors (rather than general traders) and we only confirm head wine buyers interested in the wines on show, each event is attended by:

  • 30-40 established Importer/Distributor companies (depending on the city)
  • 30-35 quality wine producers, from a range of 8-12 different countries


In addition, to minimise competition, we confirm a maximum of 4 wine producers from any one region.


The schedule for each event ensures that there is plenty of time for all of the attending head wine buyers to try your wines and for you to have full discussions and follow on conversations with interested Importers/Distributors:

1.30-2.30 Market Briefing for producers, led by a local wine trade expert


2.30-6.30 Walk around, head wine buyer trade tasting


6.30-7.00 Networking time with interested Importers/Distributors


7.00-9.30 Seated dinner hosting interested Importers/Distributors and reshowing wines


A Selection of Importers/Distributors We Invite to London:


A&B Vintners – Triage Wines Director
Aleksic & Mortimer Director
Crush Wines Founder & Managing Director
Daniel Lambert Wines Managing Director
Ehrmanns CEO
Ellis of Richmond Director
Eminent Wines Founder & CEO
Grays & Feather Founder
Hard to Find Wines Director
Humble Grape Founder
Jascots Wine Merchants Managing Director
Matthew Clark Purchasing Director Wines
McKinley Vintners Managing Director
Milton Sandford Wines General Manager
Oakley Wine Agencies Managing Director
Red Squirrel Wine Managing Director


A Selection of Importers/Distributors We Invite to Amsterdam:


Aarts Wijnen Co-Owner
André Kerstens Founder
Benier Global Wines Owner
Boode, Wijnkoperij Yves Managing Director
De Wijnimporteurs Owner
Ed’s Wijnimport Founder
Gall & Gall Managing Director
Gallizia Wijnimport Owner
Gegevens Wijnreus Founder
Hoogland Wijnimport Owner
JJC Kwast Wijnkopers Managing Director
Résidence Wijnen Founder
VinoVia Wijnimport Owner
Wijnhandel Eduard Mol CEO
Wijnimport J. Bart Owner
Wijnimport Jean Defize Founder


A Selection of Importers/Distributors We Invite to Copenhagen:


A Vinstouw Owner
Ah Vine Owner
Anker Vinimport President
Bichel Vine Founder
Erik Sørensen Vin Owner
Frederiksberg Vinimport Owner
Freilev Vinimport Founder
Grapewise Owner
Kath-Vinimport Owner
KB Vin Owner
Kjaer Sommerfeldt Vinhandel Director
Ladegourdie Vinimport Owner
Laudrup Vin & Gastronomi Owner
Michael Jepsen Vinimport Owner
Otto Suenson & Co. CEO
Siig Vin Founder


A Selection of Importers/Distributors We Invite to Hamburg:


Alexander Baron von Essen Managing Director
Andersson & Kemnitz Weinimport Managing Director
Antonio Viani Importe CEO
arbovin-ea Weinimport Owner
Ardau Weinimport Managing Director
Ausgesuchte Weine Pohl Miodek Owner
Brogsitter Weinversand Owner
Bross-Weine Owner
Chateau & Estate Founder
Curry Premium Wines Owner
EuroWeinKontor Managing Director
Gogan Wine Imports Owner
inDRINK Gastro-& Festservice GmbH & Co. Managing Director
Joh. Eggers Sohn Managing Director




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To register or for further information, please contact:


Paul Catchpole

Director, World’s Leading Wines
Commerce Interact Ltd.
T: +44 20 3930 8672