About Us

Commerce Interact Ltd., the organisers of The World’s Leading Wines event series, have been running senior level, business development events internationally for over 14 years.

Since 2009 our Wine Trade Division’s experienced team has been providing professionally organised, senior level business development events, market information services and business development services for the wine trade.

We currently offer services to the wine trade in: USA, Europe and Asia (including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and South Korea).

We operate from offices in Chicago, London, Beijing and Hong Kong to deliver our services in each region. In addition, we work with a network of local wine trade experts in each city we host events to ensure our contacts and market knowledge remain up-to-date.

For further information on Commerce Interact please visit the Commerce Interact website.

For more information on World’s Leading Wines or to register for one of the events, please contact:

Paul Catchpole, Managing Director

World’s Leading Wines
Commerce Interact Ltd
107 Fleet Street
London EC4A 2AB
United Kingdom

T: +44(0)20 7193 1240
E: info@worldsleadingwines.com